So this is the space where you tell why you started this blog- “The First Blog Post”. I started this blog to document my journey of how the world isĀ  moving closer. I am a late travel bloomer. I did not grow up traveling around the world with my parents or even

going on yearly vacations that required airplane travel. I grew up watching the world on television and reading about wonderful places in books. I knew the world was out there but it was far away. I couldn’t touch it, I couldn’t see it, and I couldn’t get to it. The world has become much smaller these days. I can’t sit still and I’m only thrilled when my house is in the rearview. I’ve found my way and have picked up a few best practices as well. I want to share those with you and introduce or reintroduce you to an experience.

Here I will share the places I meet, the food I eat, and other fun things I discover. Well, things fun to me, anyway. I hope my blog inspires you to get a passport, use your passport, and bring the world closer to you. And if getting a passport is the long-term goal, then at least explore your own backyard.

If you are up for it and curious about where this road leads …..follow me!

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